A Sterrato in its natural habitat

A Sterrato in its natural habitat

We observe that the Sterrato is appearing more frequently as more units are being delivered. However, we haven't seen this off-road Lamborghini in daring situations very often.

Since the first sighting of a Sterrato in the snow in Andorra, we haven't come across any more specimens in snowy conditions. Now, 8 months later, this Swiss example finally changes that. The car is spotted in St. Moritz, where, unlike many other Swiss cities, it is currently snowing. With the tires equipped on this Sterrato, the owner shouldn't have any issues with the amount of snow, as we can see in the photos from spotter rpm.ch. However, we must compliment the owner for using the car as intended, as all the locations in the heart of London are a shame considering the car's potential. Let's hope that more owners follow this example, and we can soon see this "off-roader" driving somewhere off the beaten path!

A Sterrato in its natural habitatClick on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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