Is there the perfect combination?

Is there the perfect combination?

We can see good combinations every day. Cars that wonderfully match the surroundings and vice versa. In this spot, three components come together...

There is hardly anything more beautiful than a breathtaking scenery combined with a stunning car. When a talented photographer like comes into play, it's almost unbeatable. The Alfa Romeo 8C Spider fits perfectly into this scene. High mountains, tight hairpin turns, and a wonderful sunrise. Especially the old roads of the Gotthard Pass seem perfect for this car, as they were built with strenuous manual labor. Considering that over 200 years ago, the first road over the Gotthard was built, it is quite astonishing. The 8C, built in a very timeless and classic design reminiscent of an old Alfa, fits perfectly on this route leading south, as that is also where the 8C comes from.
This spot is particularly enhanced by the talented eye of the photographer, who is not uploading such breathtaking spots for the first time. The light, the angles, and the breathtaking landscape make this spot a true top spot.

Is there the perfect combination?Click on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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