Is this the perfect limousine for Miami Beach?

Is this the perfect limousine for Miami Beach?

If you ever travel to Miami Beach, you will surely find heaps of sports cars and luxury cars. What many of them have in common is that they often undergo numerous modifications. Seeing a factory-original Aventador is almost impossible. The same goes for this Maybach 62, which once passed through the hands of Xenatec.

It fits perfectly into the overall image of Miami Beach, full of luxury and sports cars. Precisely because it has undergone some changes, it scores extra points. Not only do the rear and front bumpers reveal that this car went through the skilled hands of Xenatec technicians, but also the 20-inch alloy wheels, which are normally seen on newer models of Mercedes-Maybach. However, this is not one of those inconspicuous new Mercedes-Maybachs; it is still an original 2006 Maybach 62, which at its time was the epitome of German engineering and total luxury. Xenatec then added a sporty touch. Particularly noticeable are the LED lights still attached to the front and the new grille. What's missing is the distinctive MM emblem that was originally placed at the front instead of the Mercedes star. Several changes were also made to the rear. For example, there is this panel above the rear window, giving the car an incredible touch of coolness. Additionally, the taillights were tinted, giving the car a somewhat wilder appearance. Ultimately, the whole car no longer looks like a total luxury sled but rather like a total wild, deep-black, extravagant means of transportation for the local mafia boss.

Is this the perfect limousine for Miami Beach?Click on the photo for more photo's of this spot!

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