Set an alert for my car

Are you the owner of a spot worthy car and would you like to stay up to date regarding spots of your car? Sign up now for an Autogespot Alert. You will receive an email as soon as your car is uploaded on Autogespot.

To set this notification we do need some data to make sure you are the owner of the car and for your own privacy. Fill in the license plate of your car and your email address to make an Alert request.

Benefits of an Alert:
- Know when and where you were spotted;
- Know when you are crowned to Spot of the Day.
- Receive invites for our road trips and events througout Europe.
- Receive interesting e-mails from offers from our partners. 


You are a fanatic / spotter

Set as many filters as you want on your Alert. Follow a specific brand and type, place, spotter or colour. Use the Alert to:

- Follow your favorite cars;
- Follow the best spotters;
- See new spots in your residence.

Set an alert